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Almost every week, the Solare Team is creating and having an event around food, wine, beer, spirits, music, and more.   Here is our current schedule below.   If you would like to host your own event for a family occasion or corporate event, please see our “host an event” page.

<a id="Solare-Cooking-Classes"></a>Cooking Classes at Solare ~ Hands-on!

August 01 - November 30 - Cooking Classes at Solare ~ Hands-on!

Ciao!! Here is the Solare Cooking Class Schedule for August, September, October, and November:

Aug 31 – Tuscan Meats including La Fiorentina (sold out)
Sep 14 – Seafood + Fish Market (sold out)
Sep 28 – Pizza from Scratch (sold out)
Oct 12 – Gnocchi (sold out)
Oct 26 – Pasta from Scratch (sold out)
Nov 9 – Tuscan Meats including La Fiorentina (sold out)
Nov 17 – Making Pizza from Scratch (last class for 2019)

Our Cooking Classes offer a truly hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen allowing each student to create Italian cuisine themselves to make at home. Our classes are not a “demonstration”.

The classes are held pretty much every other Saturday, and the fun typically starts at 10:30am at Solare (10am for some classes) with an Italian-style coffee of your choice and a pastry. Italian wine is served for students interested in “cooking with wine”.

The Classes do sell out fast due to the limited size. Please call 619-270-9670 or email us to make a reservation for a Class:


<a id="Solare-Silver-Oak-Wine-Dinner"></a>Silver Oak!  The Legend ~ Wine Dinner @ Solare

November 13 - Silver Oak! The Legend ~ Wine Dinner @ Solare

Silver Oak is clearly a legend of California wine making. Everything started in 1972 when Ray Duncan and Justin Meyer teamed up to create their first vintage wine (Alexander Valley). Their strong initial focus was pure cabernet sauvignon and for the Silver Oak brand, that is all they continue to make. And it is famous across the world for its high quality and consistency. The Duncan family added the name, Twomey, to their portfolio to include the varietals of merlot, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc. We will be tasting these wines during the dinner, of course.

This dinner is led personally by Quelene Slattery of the Silver Oak Team. $125/person for 5 select Silver Oak wines including their Napa Valley and Alexander Valley cabernet sauvignon bottlings. The 4-course tasting dinner is designed by Exec Chef Filippo Piccini. 6:45pm Dinner ~ 6:15pm Reception with Quelene.

RSVP! Reserve today via email or call 619-270-9670

<a id="Solare-Pizza-Cooking-Class"></a>Cooking Class:  Authentic Pizza from Scratch

November 17 - Cooking Class: Authentic Pizza from Scratch

Note: This Class is on a Sunday this week, and starts at 11am. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make pizza in the authentic style from the renowned city of Napoli? How about a tasty Sfincione from Sicily; Focaccia from Liguria? Here is your perfect opportunity — Pizza Chef Brian will guide you through each step – starting with making the dough from scratch. This is very HANDS ON – you are learning to make pizza and not just watching someone else show you. Each student will take home extra dough to show off their pizza making skills that evening at home! The fun starts at 11am at Solare with an Italian-style coffee of your choice and a pastry. Italian wine is served for students interested in “cooking with wine”. – Class size limited — $85/student that includes the class, wine, and lunch. Reserve today via email or call 619-270-9670 

Events and Parties

Have your special dinner, lunch, or party at Solare. We have a great venue with easy parking – and our Team is ready to make it a huge success for you! Solare Events Planning info here.

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Pizza Verdure Mozzerella, San Marzano, tomatoes,
and farmer’s market vegetables